Acacia Lyra Reviews

"The music last night was utterly magical. We felt privileged to have been there."
Kate Morgan, Constant Sound Studio

"Patrons at the Gaia Java coffee shop's music evening last Friday may have thought that they had died and gone to heaven. That's because they were able to enjoy the angelic music of the Celtic harp duo known as Acacia Lyra whose performance featured not one but two harps. This is the first time that a harp had been played at one of Gaia Java's regular Friday music evenings. And what an evening it was..."
John Curry, Metroland Media

"...From the very first notes, this CD [Silver Sun] invites the listener to experience the magic and delight of cold snowy winter nights, holiday traditions, spiritual reflections and good cheer. Acacia Lyra is the Canadian duo of Janine Dudding and Susan Sweeney Hermon, both vocalists, harpists and songwriters. Individually they are talented musicians. As a duo they are exquisite in their fusion of music, vision, execution and energy. Their harp playing is creative, expansive, bold and beautiful, the two voices blending together with a lovely earthy beauty... Originals sit perfectly among timeless holiday favourites...Janine and Susan are not afraid to use every string on their harps, from solid bass grooves to intriguing mid-range patterns and melodies to the tinklings and tintinnabulation of the highest strings. The voices of the two harps are distinct, yet dance gracefully together...This will be one of my favourite holiday CDs for many years to come.
Martha Gallagher, Folk Harp Journal, Summer 2014 Issue

"This CD gets off to a good start with a very attractive cover. Put it on and you won't be disappointed. Lovely warm, sensitive singing and tasteful, accomplished harp playing. The enjoyment with which these two musicians perform is infectious. You are in for a treat."
Mary O'Hara, harpist and singer

"Susan and Janine's music is a beautiful melding of voices, instruments and spirit. A true friendship in music."
Sharlene Wallace, harpist

"The concert was magic! You were marvellous! We were so happy to see such a splendid turnout..."
Ruth Honeyman, ARS NOVA

"Acacia Lyra - I caught a performance at an Irish ceili and was floored. Haunting vocals and powerful harp arrangements combine to give these two ladies a delicate sound and a lot of presence. Their songs and instrumentals drip with craft and personality. It is easy to see that they are in absolute love with every piece they perform."
Ross Davison, CD Picks from Ross, Ottawa Folklore Centre

"...A delightful, multi-layered musical offering...Not satisfied with keeping their fingers busy, [Janine and Susan] sing on 13 of the album’s 18 tracks. What most strikes one, on first and subsequent listening, is the multi-dimensions of the album. They have lavished great care and thought equally on 'new' and 'old'... Layering is also to be found in the use of languages. [Their songs] in French, Gaelic, Spanish and Welsh are presented with an elegance and ease that make us think Janine and Susan have included English just to humour us..."
Ian Hepburn, Artistic Director, Music Alive! Concert Series

"The arrangements of traditional tunes and songs, with a number of guest instrumentalists, and the fine singing, made for a very enjoyable recording."
Dean Verger, Rasputins Folk Cafe

"...the passion and joy really comes through..."
Lucile Brais Hildesheim, harpist

"C'est un premier CD d'une grande qualité...arrangements bien équilibrés, un jeu impeccable...Ecouter ce disque, c'est ouvrir un écrin pour y découvrir un bijou ancien: on est transporté dans un autre temps, un autre lieu, au coin de l'âtre, à la lueur des chandelles. Envoûtant."
Robin Grenon/J. Topouzian, Harpissimo Quebec

"The choice of folk music keeps your feet on some ancestral, and even earthy ground, and at the same time, the harps and their voices lend it a heavenly grace. I loved the concert!"
Denise Chong, award-winning Canadian author

"Acacia Lyra provided an evening of first class musical travel with trips to Latin America, Britain and across Canada. The music was performed with confidence, ability and an obvious love of their musical journey. A very fine show."
Arthur McGregor, The Ottawa Folklore Centre